Praise for The Elite Bali Experience™

Do The Dream Now™ - The Elite Bali Experience

Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience in Bali last week.  I am so grateful for your invitation, all of your thoughtfulness, gracious hospitality, loving encouragement, insightful coaching and fun!  We accomplished so much in such an adventuresome way!  In particular, I appreciate your openness to my “unknowing”, your acceptance of my desire to just be, and your trust that we would find the most productive path toward what I needed most; which we did!


You bring a really high level of love, enthusiasm, energy, fun, experience, skills and insights to all that you do.  As a client, it is inspiring, exciting, challenging and opening.  I came home with tangible tools, approaches and practices to help me more effectively extend my stillness practice into softness (of body, mind and soul) for greater ease creating my next 7 year journey and adventure.  You helped me articulate the vision more clearly – a path of ease and adventure – and set me on the path equipped with the tools and abilities to begin moving forward.

Thank you for all of the glorious, heart- and mind-changing experiences.

I felt cared for, stretched and strengthened.  I am incredibly glad that I came.


Know that you are very powerful and that the ripples from Bali continue – I am a growing, changing, joy-filled person – committed to taking action and making change and completely trusting the universe to show me the way – and unattached to where it takes me – it will all be amazing!


The week in Bali reminded me:
– How much more I am in line with myself when life is simple,
– When there is deep connection, that connection leads to intimacy, which then leads to growth
– I can feel spectacular and present, and at the same time I can enjoy moving forward.

My energy this past week has skyrocketed. I now really understand how to be embodied and how to feel what I really want.

This is investing in yourself at a daring level and getting big results! This week serves you so deeply and lovingly that you will never forget your time with Kelly Sheets. It’s magical … ha! That really sums up my week!”

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